Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Movie - Les petits enfants d'Attila

I recommend to look Les petits enfants d'Attila movie

Movie Is being made - in 1972.


Color Info: Black and White
Countries: France
Genres: Drama
Languages: French
Runtimes: 80
Tech Info: OFM:35 mm, PFM:35 mm
Release Dates: France:1972

In movie have been taken:

Féodor Atkine (actor)
Birth Notes: Paris, France
Books: Jacques Valot & Gilles Grandmaire. _Stars Deuxième._ Paris, France: Edilig, 1989. ISBN 2-85601-216-7
Other Works: Provided the voice of Nezo in the French version of _Strings (2004)_ (qv)., Portrays the French voice of Hugh Laurie in "House". Also portrayed the narrator's voice in french versions of "Law & Order".
Birth Date: 27 February 1948

Peter Campbell (actor)

Jacques Chailleux (actor)

Albin Fontaine (actor)

Michel Herval (actor)

Jacques Menard (actor)

Alemany Sylver (actor)

Tilly (actor)
Birth Name: Tilly, François-Louis
Birth Notes: Belle-Isle-en-Terre, Côtes d'Armor, France
Birth Date: 30 March 1946

Diane Kurys (actress)
Birth Notes: Lyon, Rhône, France
Birth Date: 3 December 1948

Huguette Lengagne (actress)

Arlette Menard (actress)

Lorraine Rainer (actress)

Adelita Requena (actress)

Véra Belmont (producer)
Birth Notes: Paris, France
Member of the jury at the Venice Film Festival in 1997., Mother of cameraman and director 'Stéphan Holmes' (qv).
Spouse: 'Joël Holmès' (qv) (? - ?) (divorced); 1 child, 'Jean-Marie Estève' (qv) (? - present)
Birth Date: 17 November 1938

Jean-Pierre Bastid (writer)

Jean-Marie Estève (cinematographer)
Spouse: 'Véra Belmont' (qv) (? - present)

Clément Menuet (cinematographer)

Renan Pollès (cinematographer)

Jean-Pierre Bastid (director)

Jean-Denis Bonan (editor)

Nathalie Perrey (miscellaneous crew)
Birth Date: 28 February 1929


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