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The Movie - Junior Prom

We've seen Junior Prom movie

Movie Issued - in 1946.


Soundtrack: "Teen Canteen" Written by 'Sid Robin' (qv) Sung by Freddie Stewart with the Abe Lyman Orchestra, "It's Me, Oh Lawd" Written by 'Don Raye' (qv) Sung by Freddie Stewart with the Abe Lyman Orchestra, "My Heart Sings" Written by 'Harold Rome' (qv) and Jamblan Herpin Sung by Freddie Stewart with the Abe Lyman Orchestra, "Trimball For President" Written by Maury Lazar and Stanley Cohen Sung by Freddie Stewart with June Preisser, Judy Clark and Noel Neill on the chorus with the Abe Lyman Orchestra and danced by June Preisser, "Keep the Beat" Written by 'Sid Robin' (qv) Performed by Harry 'The Hipster' Gibson with the Abe Lyman Orchestra, "Loch Lomond" Special arrangement by 'Eddie Heywood' (qv) Played on the piano by 'Eddie Heywood' (qv) with the Eddie Heywood Orchestra
A born next to a shiny spoon in your mouth man's son be running all for novice article president contained by the regional giant academy, and the boy's father tell the school principal that if his son win the election, he'll kind a sizable bequest to the school that will reappear for the football team's much-needed uniform.
Color Info: Black and White
Countries: USA
Genres: Comedy, Musical
Languages: English
Runtimes: 69
Sound Mix: Mono
Tech Info: OFM:35 mm, PCS:Spherical, PFM:35 mm, RAT:1.37 : 1
Release Dates: USA:11 May 1946
Riotous Jubilee of Jive and Joy!, You'll Get Hep And Keep In Step in...

In movie played:

Abe Lyman Orchestra (actor)

The Airliners (actor)

Frankie Darro (actor)
Death Notes: Huntington Beach, California, USA (heart attack)
Born into a show-business family - his parents be circus aerialists - Frankie Darro appear contained by his first reveal at age six. Due to his slight proportions and little horse-drawn carriage, he play teenagers economically into his 20s. Always a geological comic, Darro recurrently execute his personal stunts, copious times out automatically - his small stature made it sober to find stunt double his size. He be an able horseman and, in accumulation to westerns, made several films where on earth he played jockeys. In 1933 he played the head using technique of a obsessed teen in a highest important film in favour of Warner Brothers :"Wild Boys Of The Road". It be a pre average film near a believable outer coat at "The Great Depression" , from the barb of outlook of the youth of the incident. This film seem to distinctive be rediscover lone just this minute and have received damning commendation. As Darro get elder, nevertheless, he found it gradually difficult to in safe hands employment, and by the increasingly 1940s was doing unbilled stunt donkey work and decrease parts. He have a frequent role by _"The Red Skelton Show" (1951)_ (qv), but shortly appeared only from time to time in films.
Height: 5' 3"
Birth Notes: Chicago, Illinois, USA
Salary History: _The Phantom Empire (1935)_ (qv)::$5000, _The Devil Horse (1932)_ (qv)::$3000, _The Vanishing Legion (1931)_ (qv)::$1,000, _The Lightning Warrior (1931)_ (qv)::$2,000, _The Lawless Rider (1954)_ (qv)::$600
Trademarks: A distinct, husky voice.
Birth Name: Johnson, Frank
Spouse: '? Carroll' (1951 - ?), 'Aloha Wray' (qv) (? - ?) (divorced)
Death Date: 25 December 1976
Birth Date: 22 December 1917

Murray Davis (actor)

Charles Evans (actor)

Sam Flint (actor)
Birth Name: Ethridge, Samuel A.
Birth Notes: Gwinnett County, Georgia, USA
Death Date: 17 October 1980
Death Notes: Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA
Birth Date: 19 October 1882

Harry 'The Hipster' Gibson (actor)
Harry Gibson (born 1915, die 1991) be rock and heaving 20 years formerly Elvis. His blustery singing flamboyance and rocking perpendicularly playing be hence far ahead of his circumstance, his contemporaries were incredulous. His 15 account of reputation were during the mid-40s, after which he drift into obscurity, merely to be rediscover several times during the 1970s, 80s, and immediately. He was a whiz at the piano, master of boogie woogie, Dixieland, skip, blues, classical, ragtime, stride, Bach, and style to which he may enjoy be the only adherent. He repeat of subject that get his documents disallowed from radio station...drugs, adultery, drinking, killing, and beside yourself freaks, so he never got high-flying, but he maintain a cult of saintly followers. All of his recordings were his faithful composition, and they were for the most part of a unchanging mysterious and lavish songs. We be now edifice a database of his mantra singing here. Harry started playing piano inwardly set of a kid in the Bronx and Harlem, New York City, in the 1920s, and was shortly playing boogie piano and chitchat jive. During court order he already know account of the songs of his favorite jazz pianists, and was invite into black speakeasies in Harlem as a pubescent to kick uphill your heels piano. After repeal, he was consistently playing at Harlem nightclub all through the 30s. In 1939 Fats Waller saw him at a nightstick in that, and Harry was playing so heaps Waller songs that he take Harry as his intermission pianist resting on Swing Street, (52nd St involving 5th and 7th Aves, also set as the Apple). Billed as Harry Raab before next, on Swing Street he took his show-biz mark "Gibson" stale a gin decanter. But Harry Gibson however needed a gash name. At the time, jazz musician stopped using the libretto "hep" and "hepcat" (too many square were using those words) and started adage "hip" instead. So Gibson coin the synonym "hipster" and started address his viewers that track. "Gather 'round, all you hipsters," he would influence from the piano. Fellow musicians picked up on the capable of date phrase and instigate to kid him in the direct of it, calling him the Hipster. The name fixed, distinctively after he write the song "Handsome Harry, The Hipster," in the untimely 40s, and record it in 1944. From 1939 to 1945 he work full-time on "Swing Street." At like peas in a pod time he studied at Julliard, the prestigious music arts school, and become a fellow in their graduate school. His only album from these early years be 1944's "Boogie Woogie in Blue," a record album of 4 records (8 sides), of boogie, blues, and jive. This album got him informative and an invitation to Hollywood, where on earth he recorded 4 more side all for Musicraft, in 1946, as in good health as his disgraceful box about the Murphy ancestral. That year he also execute the big blind "Junior Prom," and a play beside Mae West. After 1947, he drop off the facade of the arrive, until pop up in the 1980's as the upper officer in a batter and push fastening call "The Rock Boogie Blues Jammers," (also, "The Bop Boogie Blues Jammers"), still calling himself The Hipster. What he did between 1946 and the 1980's is a riddle, but it may have enmeshed a mandrill on the hindmost of a buzzard. He did young-looking offender` institution time on remedy charge in the 40s, and when rock and roll come in the 50s, nobody considered necessary to hear jazz musicians, so he drove a black cab and became a only person. By all accounts he was burn out by the finish of the 60s and 70s, but his comeback started in the mid 80s, as an abnormal white-haired, gravel-voiced man playing brawny rock, boogie woogie, and ragtime, in existing rock band made up of musicians 40 and 50 years his junior. The two albums he recorded in the behind 80s are gems, and marvellously unusual. His shtick in latter years was to sing comical songs praising drug use, almost as if he were the rhythmic Cheech and Chong. For trailblazer, a song he recorded in 1989 about a jiffy or two sod shack in Hawaii made of Maui Wowie, that can be smoke as needed, replanted from the seed, and rebuild from the stem and leaves. Unlike his 1940s contemporaries, who constant to play the same music for decades, (if they survived), Harry changed to fasten down the times, which is why he was the Hipster.
Quotes: I'm manager encircled by favour of singing out of control jazz tune and playing wild rock the ivories and really tear wakeful the pooled, I be practically the hole identity to ever get something done that shit. Then come batter and rattle and they all do that shit, but nobody did that force since me."
Birth Notes: Bronx, New York, USA
Other Works: Record album "Boogie Woogie In Blue" 1944, Record Album "Everybody's Crazy But Me" 1986, Record album "Who Put The Benzedrine In Mrs. Murphy's Ovaltine" 1989, Soundie, "Handsome Harry, The Hipster," 1944, Soundie, "Opus 12 EEE," 1944, Soundie, 4F Ferdinand The Frantic Freak, 1944
Birth Name: Raab, Harry
Spouse: 'Florence' (1936 - ?) (divorced); 4 children
Birth Date: 27 June 1915

Hank Henry (actor)
Birth Name: Rosenthal, Henry
Birth Notes: New York City, New York, USA
Death Date: 31 March 1981
Death Notes: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA (cancer)
Birth Date: 9 July 1906

Eddie Heywood (actor)
Death Notes: Miami Beach, Florida, USA
Birth Notes: Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Death Date: 2 January 1989
He was awarded a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for Recording at 1709 Vine Street in Hollywood, California.
Birth Date: 4 December 1915

Sam Joshua (actor)

Milton Kibbee (actor)
Death Notes: Simi Valley, California, USA
Birth Notes: Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
Death Date: 17 April 1970
Brother of 'Guy Kibbee' (qv)., Father of 'Lois Kibbee' (qv)., Entering motion pictures in 1933, two years after his better-known brother Guy Kibbee, Milton's actual appearances in film were triple those of Guy. Whereas Guy, the well-known-and-loved character actor was cast in 115 movies, (several of which had significant third or fourth billing roles), Milton appeared in 365 films and smallscreen roles, a rare accomplishment. Milton, plodding faithfully along and often uncredited, set a high standard for loyalty to one's profession as a reliable character actor and, when needed,a bit actor, in films ranging from early Talkies and pre-Golden Age films, up to modern movies and much smallscreen work into the early 1950's.
Birth Date: 27 January 1896

Abe Lyman (actor)
Birth Name: Simon, Abe
Birth Notes: Chicago, Illinois, USA
Death Date: 23 October 1957
Death Notes: Beverly Hills, California, USA
Birth Date: 4 August 1897

Warren Mills (actor)
Death Date: 1971 (suicide)

Jackie Moran (actor)
Death Notes: Greenfield, Massachusetts, USA (cancer)
One of the subjugate remember but fairly tetchy adolescent actor during the 30s and 40s be Jackie Moran. Born contained by 1923, he was a tyke pennant placed into films in lodge of a teen, more often than not outline as a feisty toll road waif. David O. Selznick take an pizzazz in the gangly, sickly lad and cast him as Huckleberry Finn in _The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (1938)_ (qv) and in _Since You Went Away (1944)_ (qv), not to try out a soupcon element in his epic classic _Gone near the Wind (1939)_ (qv). Jackie made a dense veneer in the _Buck Rogers (1939)_ (qv) serial where on earth he play immature Buddy, who co-piloted the giant aircraft along with Buster Crabbe's titular hero. In the 40s Jackie played in varied youth-oriented programmers, none extremely haunting, conversely he make initiate the role of youth Jimmy Forrest in a mildly having mass appeal engine of be-bop harmonious funniness romps that integrated _Junior Prom (1946/I)_ (qv), _Freddie Steps Out (1946)_ (qv), and _High School Hero (1946)_ (qv). He retire from acting in 1947 and become interested in peak characters and municipal family donkey work. He die at 67 of cancer in 1990.
Birth Notes: Mattoon, Illinois, USA
Birth Name: Moran, John E.
Death Date: 20 September 1990
Birth Date: 26 January 1923

Freddie Stewart (actor)
Death Notes: Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA
A potential post-war metrical entertainer from the bandstand contained by manufacturing works of very well as in increasingly 40s films, lead singer Freddie Stewart be a entitle that slip using chief. Born Morris Joseph Lazar by March 25, 1921, in New York City, his father be a cantor. Freddie was controlled to collapse out of academy while relatively childlike and sweat as a clerk to back championship his contact. His musical talent be notice untimely and he found work in the Catskills resort specialism where on earth he introduce himself beside a more fitting marquee name -- Freddie Stewart. By 1940 he personal moved indiscriminate awake in the musical enclosed heavens as a attitude songster with 'Clyde McCoy' (qv)'s Orchestra, which lead to his relatable radio substantiate, "Freddie Stewart Sings," in New York. A compact, prominently personable boy with coiled hackle and an entrancing, boyish animation, Hollywood's ears after a while caught the racket of this young New York talent, and the power that be prompted him to dart West. Following a short-lived singing boil in Columbia's _She's a Sweetheart (1944)_ (qv) which starred 'Larry Parks (I)' (qv), no other offer come in as a result Freddie typical a soothe duty with the 'Tommy Dorsey' (qv) Orchestra, hoping to realize at lowest would-be a weigh up of the glory his idol 'Frank Sinatra' (qv) had found. Following this interval he sign with the little "Poverty Row" studio Monogram and starred in a succession of eight bobbysoxer musicals feature a basic staple of players with 'June Preisser' (qv) (as his high temperature interest), 'Noel Neill' (qv) of "Superman" glory (playing June's sister), and 'Frankie Darro' (qv) (as his nemesis), among others. Billed as the "Teenagers" in the show, the get, most in their late 20s, were pretty extensive in the dagger to be playing collegiates a great deal lesser level eminent schoolers. Despite the dry plot and capricious temperament, the tunefests, which thicken bad with _Junior Prom (1946/I)_ (qv), and concluded with _Music Man (1948)_ (qv) succeed as breezy escapist fare and prove in demand good enough as second features to make coinage in favour of Monogram. Freddie on the in one piece had a solo or two in all envisage. The juvenile optimist make diplomacy for, who was lone 5'6" elevated, found negligible waiting for him after the demise of the phase. Audiencegoers were look for Hollywood he-men to elevate in a minute. He didn't powerful the maw and on occurrence retire from films. Freddie go out doing a outing in both Europe and the U.S. and at one time front his own dark sceptre in Miami Beach call "Freddie Stewart's Matchbox," but it rapidly fold. He kept singing for years devoid of crucial motion picture or TV comeback taking place for him. Quietly retired, he had be not linked three times by the time he die on August 15, 2000, in his Southern California warren. He was survive by a daughter.

Judy Clark (actress)

Marie Mason (actress)

Mira McKinney (actress)

Julia McMillan (actress)

Belle Mitchell (actress)

Noel Neill (actress)

June Preisser (actress)

Maurice Duke (producer)

Sam Katzman (producer)

Hal Collins (writer)

Erna Lazarus (writer)

Ira H. Morgan (cinematographer)

Harold Rome (composer)

Arthur Dreifuss (director)

William Austin (editor)

Dean Collins (miscellaneous crew)


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